The Elora Tarot - Shelley Carter

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A collaborative tarot deck, both created in and inspired by the unique community of Elora, Ontario.

Elora, Ontario has always attracted artists. The natural beauty of the deep gorge formed at the convergence of two rivers and the historical underpinnings of the village are an inspirational environment in which to create. This is a fantastic community in which magic regularly occurs!

Tarot enthusiast Shelley Carter invited 65 local artists to join a project and create 78 tarot images using their own individual style and medium. The artwork was then published as the Elora Tarot Deck.

These extraordinary cards can be used for tarot reading of course, but the deck is also a mini art gallery featuring the work of a remarkable group of artists. It is a shapshot of the vibrancy of the art scene in Elora at a particular point in time.