Patchouli  Ritual Incense Powder

Patchouli Ritual Incense Powder

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It is said Patchouli stimulates the conscious mind and stabilizes the etheric mind. Has also been used to clear environmental energies and neutralize disharmonic frequencies, making it useful for purification and space clearing rituals, such as meditation and yoga practices.

To use, simply pinch a small quantity of powder into a shape of a mound, light the tip and blow out the flame. The incense will then slowly smolder and release its fragrance at the same time. This incense can also be used with a charcoal tablet for a stronger burst of fragrance.

Charcoal Method

To use simply light the charcoal tablet, place it in a suitable incense burner, then sprinkle some incense on the charcoal. As the incense melts on the charcoal, the fragrance is released..

Each jar contains 20 gram  fine ritual Incense powder.