Meditation Cushions from India

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Beautifully Colourful Meditation Cushion

Cotton Patchwork.

When Buddha was asked what he gained from meditation, he said he had gained nothing at all. Instead, he went on to mention what he had lost; anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity and the fear of old age and death.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries and recently, more and more people are picking it up. It has immense benefits on your physical and mental health. It is simply a way to enable you to step out of the chaos of everyday life and calm your mind down.

For hundreds of years, meditation was practiced without any equipment. It simply involved your mind, body and spirit. However, yoga mats, meditation pillows and meditation cushions have been incorporated in the modern approach to meditation.

To enable you to hold yourself in the most comfortable position possible all while providing your joints with the support they need requires choosing of the most appropriate meditation pillow. They come in a range of sizes, colors and heights. They should be able to match your preferred meditation style, lifestyle, body, flexibility and even the energy you’re trying to cultivate.

According to feng shui expert Rodika Tchi, it is important to incorporate color feng shui into your home design to bring balance, harmony and good energy. Therefore, color is an important aspect when picking out your meditation pillow. These colors will have a different effect on your mood:

  • Yellow for clarity and optimism
  • Red for energy elevation
  • Green for calmness and balance
  • Black for deep inward focus
  • Blue to help you relax.