Herbal Emissaries - Bringing Chinese Herbs to the West

Herbal Emissaries - Bringing Chinese Herbs to the West

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A Guide to Gardening, herbal wisdom and well being. 

by Seven Foster and Yue Chongxi

This extensive and engaging book--the first collaboration between a Chinese scientist and an American author and herbalist--blends traditional wisdom from both cultures with scientific verification of the medical effectiveness of many ancient Chinese plants, thereby deepening our knowledge of and appreciation for ornamentals whose usefulness extends far beyond their beauty.

More plants have been introduced from China to American and European gardens than from any other part of the world.
Many of the Asian species grown as ornamentals--such as daylilies, forsythia, gardenia, peonies, crape myrtle, and mums--are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The authors supply specific techniques for cultivating Chinese herbs and flowers in Western gardens, as well as for using them medicinally.


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