Healerite - Noble Serpentine

Healerite - Noble Serpentine

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Healerite or Noble Serpentine - is the "Love at First Sight" stone.  


Healerite is a newly discovered type of Serpentine found in Washington State are of the U.S.

It is named the "Love at first Sight" stone because once you hold the stone in your hands for the first time it is difficult to let it go due to its' radiant, bright healing vibration.

Healerite has this most amazing color of lemony lime green. 

Healerite is a powerful healing stone offering revitalizing energy deep into all the cells. An effective way to use Healerite is to place it on the energy meridians as it is believed to have the ability to increase “chi” or life force.

On an emotional level Healerite helps to calm nerves. It is a heart chakra stone which brings states of joy, generosity, intimacy and love.

It is also believed to help heal old emotional wounds, even those carried over from past lives.

Natural Rough Specimens 

Range:  2 - 3 inches.