Chrysocolla - Tumbled

Chrysocolla - Tumbled

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Healing shades of lovely blues and greens. Chrysocolla is found wherever copper is mined, and is sometimes found mixed with Malachite, Turquoise, and Azurite.  In this case Peru.


Chrysocolla is a very peaceful stone.  Chrysocolla is soothing and calming in times of stress, and brings about gentle release. 

Chrysocolla is effective when used on the Throat Chakra, aiding in thoughtful communication.

It is also effective when used to balance and strengthen the Heart Chakra, helping one to learn how to live from the truth of the Heart.

Chrysocolla draws off negative energies of all kinds, and can help to calm the emotions and bring understanding to discordant relationships.

Metaphysically, Chrysocolla has been used with the Third-Eye to bring visions and knowledge of the sublime into conscious awareness.