Green Man Ring with Trinity Knot


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A beautifully stylized Green Man Ring embellished with Celtic Trinity and Eternity Knots.  In Sterling Silver. 
Glance upwards as you approach or enter many of Britain’s great cathedrals and churches, and it is more than likely you will catch sight of the Green Man gazing almost glaring down at you.
 The Green Man is an example of how images from the Old Religion were brought into Christian churches before the Reformation, and is one of the most ancient, pagan symbols to be found in the Christian church.  Pre-Christian pagan traditions and superstitions, particularly those related to nature and tree worship, were still influential in the early Middle Ages.
 The Green Man is a symbol of mysterious origin and history.  Most often associated with the Celts,  particularly  Britain and France, because of the high number of images found on ancient artifacts in these regions.
 The Green Man is believed to have been intended as a symbol of growth and rebirth, the eternal seasonal cycle of the coming of spring and the life of Man.   The cycle of life.  
The pre-Christian notion that Man was born from nature, as evidenced by various mythological accounts of the way in which the world began, and the idea that Man is directly tied to the fate of nature.  With the cycles of the year comes the end of the year; with the cycles of life comes the end of life; and with the excessive use of nature comes the eventual, end of nature. 
The Green Man’s other important, powerful affiliation, then, is that of death and of endings.
The symbol of the Green Man can be summarized in the three R’s—rebirth, reliance, and ruin.
Excerpts from the article.  Unraveling the Nature and Identity of the Green Man by Ryan Stone and also from Historic UK.

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