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A mala is the most ancient form of a rosary, used to count the repetitions of a mantra, a prayer, as the spiritual self is trained. Each Japamala should only be used for repetitions of one particular mantra
The use of a Mala generates various types of vibration in the wearer depending on the type of bead used.  
Turmeric Mala (prayer bead) Contains the bulbs of Haldi.  One of the most purifying herbs of Ayurveda. Turmeric Mala is useful for performing special prayers.  Prayers for overpowering enemies and overcoming adversity.
It is used in worshipping ceremonies.  Worshipping ceremonies are performed to bring success when one is in troubled times.  
There is a definite way to use a Mala.  It is put on the middles finger of the right hand and with the help of the thumb each bead is pulled toward the body.  The friction causes the vibration.
Turmeric as an herb.  Haldi as an herb has a lot of proven medicinal properties, that helps in ailments like Cancer, bone problems, cough and colds, increasing immunity and even in Jaundice.

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