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The Hair of Mother Earth
Sweetgrass has a sweet earthy scent with vanilla tones and is considered to be a scared plant. When burned it brings in good spirits and positive energies, and is traditionally used after sage or cedar smudges. Sweetgrass can be burned by cutting little pieces over hot coals or lighting the end, waving it around, and letting the smoke spread through the air.
With Respect.  White Sage and other sacred herbs were traditionally used by First Nations peoples to ward off evil spirits, negative energies, purification and healing.   The aroma is considered sacred and is perfect for cleansing and purifying.
Using scent and scented smoke (such as incense) in religious and spiritual rites / rituals  is an element common to many different cultures worldwide.
Emits Positive Energy
Sweetgrass – The Hair of Mother Earth.  
Cleansing / Purification
Replace Negative Energy with Positive Energy 
Fresh & Uplifting.  Sweetgrass is believed to promote contemplation and spiritual knowledge, open the heart, cleanse the soul, purify, revive & restore self awareness.  Sweetgrass is thought to be a holy scent, used for smudging, cleansing and calling helpful spirit guides.  
Three Strands of the Sweetgrass Braid represent Love, Kindness & Honesty

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