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  Spiritual Energy, Wisdom
The sacred tree or Tree of Life represents the fruitfulness of the earth, evoking spiritual growth, abundance, and rebirth. Rooted in the heart of the earth, it drinks the sacred waters of life and stretches its branches into the heavens, providing a bridge between celestial and earthly powers. Each Celt tribe had a sacred tree as its focal point, a symbol of sovereignty, sacred wisdom, and spiritual energy.
The Celtic Art line was originally developed in Scotland over 35 years ago by George Dear. In 2003 Paul Hartlieb (owner of Touchstone Pottery) purchased a license to produce this jewelry under George’s supervision using his techniques.
The Celtic Art designs are original illustrations of artists from Scotland, Canada and the United States based on traditional Celtic themes. The designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off.
Celtic Art line of porcelain jewelry comes packaged in a velvet-lined box, with a card describing the meaning of each design and it’s Celtic symbolism
Pendants are on a 32 inch braided rayon cord.  
Round: 1″

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