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Chakras and notes and singing bowls
Chakras are centers of energy located on the midline of the body.  There are 7 main chakras … each corresponding to a different life function.  They are generally known as:
1st Chakra (Root/red) – survival
2nd Chakra (Sacral/orange) – creative
3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus/yellow) – power
4th Chakra (Heart/green) – love
5th Chakra (Throat/blue) – expression
6th Chakra (3rd Eye/indigo) – intuition
7th Chakra (Crown/violet) – spiritual connection

Frosted crystal bowls are white, and are rough on the outside. They have the thickest walls out of any of the bowls, so they can hold the most vibration and are also the sturdiest bowls. Because of this, frosted bowls are generally the loudest and most vibrant option you can choose. They are much louder than clear bowls or handle bowls. If you would like to play crystal bowls for a room full of people, frosted bowls will give them a full-bodied experience of sound-vibration rather than just an audible experience. Last, frosted bowls are generally the easiest bowls to play. They vibrate quickly, and it is simple to make the bowls vibrate steadily at specific volumes. For this reason you have to pay attention to playing frosted bowls less, and can focus more on the meditation. Generally, a frosted bowl will sustain about 15-20 seconds, though this varies bowl to bowl. Frosted bowls are generally the most popular option, the least expensive, and the simplest to play, so they are generally what we recommend for anybody to start with. 
Playing one crystal singing bowl is a rich and powerful experience.

Our Current Selection of Crystal Singing Bowls are:
Large – 13-14″ .  Notes C to D.  Frequency 265 – 268.  C corresponds   with the Root Chakra – Colour is Red – Energy is Grounding (Basic Trust, Stability)  D corresponds with the Sacral Chakra – Colour is Orange.  Energy is Feeling (emotion, creativity, sexuality)
Medium – 10 – 11″.  Notes B2 and Gb4.  Frequency 121 (B) 363 (G).
B corresponds with the Crown Chakra energy is “I understand” (spirituality, wisdom, God) Colour is Violet.  
G corresponds with the Throat Chakra.  Energy is expression.  I speak (inspiration, truth).  Colour is light blue. 
Small – 8-9″ – A3 , A4.  Frequency is 428, 215.  A corresponds with the Third Eye.  Energy is “I See” (intuition, awareness, charisma). Colour is Indigo Blue.  

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