Celtic Triskele Pendant in Sterling Silver


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Sterling Silver, Celtic Knot pendant. Approximate frame size: 27mm Diameter x 1mm T.
Thousands of years before the dawn of Christianity, geometric motifs played a prominent role in both the ancient Celts’ religion and artwork. The religious union of mankind and the universal cosmos, essential to the ancient Celts’ spiritual beliefs, was represented by powerful symbols integrating the two worlds.
Newgrange, one of the oldest burial mounds in Europe, is highly-decorated with carvings depicting spirals, crosses and other ancient icons.

Triple Spiral (aka the “triskele”) – most recurring element in Celtic art; 3 spirals radiating from a common center; often found in illuminated manuscripts; represents unity of the heart, mind and soul; later represented the Christian Trinity

In Goddess spirituality the triskele represents the triple goddess and is believed the feminine representation of the Trinity.

Source (Kat Behling, Irish Fireside)

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