Blue Lace Agate Bracelet – 8mm


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 Beautiful, angelic Blue Lace Agate.   8mm size beads.
Lore of Blue Lace Agate:
Promotes peace and calming
Encourages you to speak your truth
Encourages general plant health in the garden and is said to increase crop yields
Instills joy
Promotes forgiveness
Encourages healthy friendships and relationships
Supports personal growth
Enhances empathy
Shields your emotional body from negative energy
Helps you to become grounded when you’re feeling angry or frustrated
Keeps you centered and balanced in mind, body, and spirit
Removes energetic causes of acid reflux or heartburn
Encourages truth in communication
Promotes acceptance of things that cannot be changed
Stimulates will power
Energetically supports healing of the nervous system or circulation
Facilitates communication with your totem animals, spirit guides and angels
Assists with emotional healing
Blocks out negative energies associated with pollution or environmental stress
Stabilizes the energy field

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