Flore Incense - Native Smudge

Flore Incense - Native Smudge

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Incense sticks, cones & resin has been used for centuries for different purposes; spiritual, healing, cleansing you space or for rituals.

Using scent and scented smoke (such as incense) in religious and spiritual rites / rituals  is an element common to many different cultures worldwide.

With Respect.  White Sage and other sacred herbs were traditionally used by First Nations peoples to ward off evil spirits, negative energies, purification and healing.   The aroma is considered sacred and is perfect for cleansing and purifying.

Burning incense creates awareness and a sense of ceremony and sanctuary. It calms a person, gives feeling of piece and focus and can increase creativity and inner strength.

Flore Incense

Independently owned and operated Canadian company that has been producing handcrafted incense in their Ontario facility since 1982.

With the intention of bringing Joy to the consumer and providing a quality product that uplifts the spirit Flore uses only the purest of ingredients. Fragrances are derived from locally sourced and Canadian suppliers of pure essential oils. Ethically produced oils are vegan and not tested on animals.

The Bookery has been carrying Flore Incense for well over a decade.
Each package contains 20 sticks of all-natural incense that will burn with a clean white smoke.

Each package contains 20 all natural sticks that will burn with a clean white smoke for one hour.