Bliss Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray

Bliss Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray

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BLISS..Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray.
Made with pure essential oils and Witch Hazel. Formulated to clean and deodorize your mat without build up. Leaves a nice fresh scent and is a portable size so you can cart it along with your mat.

Sweat, dust, dirt, body oil and other debris can pile up with regular use of your yoga mat. Most of us just roll it up, stuff it in the bag and that is where it stays until the next practice. When our trusty mat sees the light of day again, it’s the same scenario. Unroll your mat, sweat on it, and roll it back up. (In other words, ick.)

If you practice regularly, outside, or sweat a lot, think about a quick wipe down after every session. It’s good hygiene, and helps prolong your mat’s life.

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