Ireland Among the Nations

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Ireland Among the Nations. Or, The Faults and Virtues of the Irish Compare with Those of Other Races. 

Ireland in her true light among nations, and to awaken the reasoning powers, and call forth the judgment of the Irish race, rather than to excite its fervor and inflame its enthusiasm. I do not wish to abate the patriotism of the Irish race, or to impair its affection for the church ;but I am of opinion that a patriotism and religion founded on reason, appreciation, and judgment are built on a firmer foundation than sentiment, affection, and enthusiasm can supply. A true estimate of ones self will lead to a correct estimate of others ;and truth will always be a stronghold in war and a safeguard in peace.
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By  the Rev. J. O'leary, D.D.


New York

J.A. McGee Publisher aad Bookseller.  1874