Beeswax Vigil / Ritual Candles - Made in Canada

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Beeswax Candles for Meditation / Prayer / Blessing
Pure ~ Made in Canada.

* Now Available in 7 Chakra Colours *

Vigil Candles are an excellent choice for hand-held candlelight vigils, tributes, memorials, religious services, intention work, candlelight ceremonies, remembrances, concerts, and for placing in luminaries

Beeswax emits a negative ion when burned. Negative ions clean the air by attaching themselves to positively charged particles such as dust, odours, toxins & pollen. When they bind they become heavier & simply fall to the floor.
Beeswax produces a multi-level vibration that calms the inner senses. This vibration can be seen in the golden halo surrounding the flame.
Beeswax sweetens the room with a pure scent of honey.
Beeswax candles burn hotter, brighter, longer & cleaner than conventional candles.
Beeswax is non-toxic, & non-carcinogenic.
Beeswax acquires a light dusting or film called 'Bloom' on the surface as it ages. Bloom occurs naturally in beeswax & is a sign of candle purity. Bloom can be removed by buffing with a soft cloth or gently with a hair dryer.

100% pure beeswax purchased from a local ethical beekeeper. Wicks are jute, cotton and paper core. The candles are hand poured.

Approx. Burn Time - 2 Hrs.

Price is per Candle.