• Celtic Symbology

    Thousands of years before the dawn of Christianity, geometric motifs played a prominent role in both the ancient Celts’ religion and artwork.

  • Moonstone

     The Stone of New Beginnings. As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery. 

  • Birth Stones

    The idea of each person always wearing a gemstone corresponding to the month of their birth is a distinctly modern idea that scholars trace to 18th century Poland, with the arrival of Jewish gem traders to the region. The modern list of birthstones was not defined until 1912, by the National Association of Jewelers (Jewelers of America) in the USA. Most recently, early in this century, these stones were updated to include only clear stones that look pretty together in settings such as family rings. Just for interest sake  I have included the Colours and Flowers associated with each birth month.     January Birthstone  (Colours Black, Dark Blue, Dark Red)(Flowers: Snowdrop,…

  • Seven Chakras & Crystals

    Chakras are spiritual energy centres that are often depicted as spinning wheels. When open, they keep us healthy and balanced, but problems arise if they are blocked or unbalanced. Crystals are believed to help clear Chakra blockages. The seven main Chakras align with the spine through to the top of the head. They are linked to our nervous system and major organs, as well as our psychological, emotional and spiritual being. Each Chakra is a different colour and are with different stones, colours, sound frequencies. By identifying the Chakra you want to unblock or balance, you can determine the best crystal to help you. The following is a list of…

  • Crystals & Astrology

    There are twelve astrological or zodiac signs, one of which is linked to your birthdate. Choosing a crystal linked to this astrological sign is useful if you don’t have a specific focus in mind. Aries (March 21 – April 19) – People born under the Aries star sign are ambitious and make good leaders. A selection of crystals for Ariens include carnelian, bloodstone, green jasper  and citrine. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Taureans like things to be predictable. They’re loyal and dependable. Crystals that resonate with them include jade, dioptase, malachite and amber.  Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – People born under this star sign can be changeable and are…

  • Crystal Healing Lore

    Work in Progress.  Return to this Blog regularly – It is young and still developing 😉  Is is believed that every crystal has unique properties and vibrations that can be used for meditative & healing purposes. Searching for a crystal may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.  There are  thousands of gemstones, each with a unique structure, energy, colour and uses.  Many ask how to choose the right type of crystal  and then select a specific stone. Start by deciding your goals or intentions. Why do you want a crystal? What do you hope to achieve?  Intuition:  Let your intuition guide your way.   Trust your intuition.  You can never go wrong.  Intention: …

  • The Celtic Nations

    For centuries Celts spread beyond Northern Europe, with many countries today claiming some Celtic influence.