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Why we don’t sell online

Like so many small businesses, during the pandemic began we were closed for a considerable length of time and needed to move to online sales to stay afloat. It was a big job to do in a short time, but we launched our online shop and through the generous support of our customers we were able to continue to do business.

As we moved through the pandemic and businesses began to reopen, online sales dropped accordingly. That was partly due to the fact that our customers preferred to shop in person again, amd partly because of the ridiculously high shipping costs that small businesses have to deal with. It just isn’t possible to compete with the big online businesses who operate on a large scale and can subsidze shipping costs. Some of them even have their own courier services.

In addition, many of the items we sell are unique, one of a kind pieces. It’s a time consuming process to continually create posts for single items, only to take a post down, never to be used again, when the item sells.

As a result, we decided that selling online on our website costs too much and takes too much time to justify the sales it generates.

We will continue to keep the current online inventory in place as a catalogue, to highlight some of the many items we have in the store. if you see something you’re interested in and have questions about its availability, please email us at

And of course we encourage you to visit us in beautiful downtown Fergus!